1. Time display function, display time, minute, second, month, day,
week, 12/24H, initial value is(2020-1-01 12:00 00 WED )
2. Alarm function
3. Countdown function, the initial value of (0:00.00,12:00(0FF)
4. Stopwatch function, the initial value is (0:00’000, (0FF)
5. Step counting, exercise time, pace, mileage, calories consumption
6. Altitude, relative altitude
7. Air pressure curve, air pressure, air pressure curve view (24H)
8. Exercise time record, movement relative height view.
9. Scuba diving Mode, NDL time, depth,Temperature,diving speed.
10.Free diving Mode
11. Diving log (99 records)
12. Compass calibration function
13. Low-power reminder
14. Backlight function
15. 4 key functions
16. Use the Battery CR2450

1. Waterproof 100M 2. Scuba Dive 3. NDL Time 4. Safety Factor 5. Nitrox 6. Free Dive 7. Compass 8. Altimeter 9. Barometer 10. Thermometer 11. World-time 12. Date&Time 13. Stopwatch 14. Countdown 15. Alarm 16. Back Light


















SCUBA DIVE Before scuba dive we need to set safety factor and oxygen content 1. CONS (Conservative) 2. NORM (Standard) 3. AGGR ( Non-conservative) CONS level can be the shortest decompression diving time, AGGR level can be the longest decompression diving time
COMPASS CALIBRATION Before scuba dive we need to calibrate compass
SCUBA DIVING MODE Compass angle—359 Diving depth in M/FT—18.8m Dive/Surface speed—10m/minutes NDL TIME— 160 minutes Current time—5:06 Current temperature—18.8 F
Altimeter & Barometer Altitude—1033 M Air pressure chart Current air pressure–1003hpa
COMPASS MODE 1. The upper area shows the week and current time 2. Display the azimuth angle in the middle area 3. Display the position on the lower area
LUMINOUS DISPLAY Still Clearly visible in extremely dark environments














Material GLASS: tough, scratch-resistant glass, high light transmission WATCH CASE : 316L stainless steel corrosion resistance



Weight 350 g